studentsBecome a globally recognised fashion designer with CRE Fashion design school - the leading way to study fashion online. Join students from around the world in a comprehensive, internationally accredited study program.

Founded in 2004, CRE Fashion design school offers the best alternative to college education and is the only online school to close the full circle from design conceptualization through readymade product to marketing. The students are provided with the necessary knowledge to develop and master their skills in learning, understanding and practicing fashion design as a profession and as a business. All learners graduate as properly trained, professional fashion designers ready to start a career in the industry or launch their own clothing label.

The classic study of fashion design is combined with the production of a full ready to wear collection for women and men, as well as mastering the students portfolio presentation skills. All the garments are created with the learners original design ideas, essential to developing a unique signature style. After graduation the designers are able to conceptualise and present any design idea on any fashion brief, pattern all kind of ready to wear and Couture & Avant-garde garments, as well as produce those.

Vital requirements for choosing to study fashion design include creative flare for design, good maths skills for pattern making and patience for cutting and sewing.


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